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Portable FlashGet[With SetUp+ Speed Optimizer] June 30, 2007

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Portable FlashGet

FlashGet is specifically created to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded files.

If you’ve ever waited forever for your files to download from a slow connection, or been cut off midway through a download – or just can’t keep track of your ever-growing downloads – FlashGet is for you.

FlashGet can split downloaded files into sections, downloading each section simultaneously, for an increase in downloading speed from 100% to 500%. This, coupled with FlashGet’s powerful and easy-to-use management features, helps you take control of your downloads like never before.

NOTE Now Flashget is FREEWARE !

Here are some key features of “FlashGet”:

· Optimize the system resource
FlashGet can use up the lowest system resources and will not influence your normal work or study.

· Call anti-virus automatically
FlashGet can call anti-virus automatically to clean viruses, spyware and adware after finishing download.

· 100% Clean, free
No adware and spyware. Easy to install and use

· Increase the download speed and stability
Flashget can increase download speed from 6-10 times. It uses MHT (Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique and optimization arithmetic

· Support HTTP, FTP, BT and other various protocols
FlashGet supports HTTP, FTP, BT, MMS, RTSP and other protocols. It is seamless between protocols and there is no need to operate manually for download switch. The One Touch technique optimizes BT download and can automatically download target files after getting seeds information, hence no need to operate again.

· Powerful files management feature
It supports unlimited categories. Each category is assigned a download saving directory. The powerful management feature can support drag and drop, adding and description, search, rename, etc.

Download : Portable FlashGet 1.90.1012***

***Its PreCracked. So Speed optimized to Unlimited Speed Automatically.Its A stand Alone Program. Its Only 2.4MB(Less then Original Installer). No extra Ad-on like google. All Language Support.Just Run/Double Click. Its Complete.

Its my Creation. Let me know how it works.

Download : FlashGet 1.90.1012

DownLoad: FlashGet Optimizer(Increase Speed)-RS Mirror

FlashGet Optimizer(Increase Speed)

Optimizer Sould be easy to download. Its only 50KB. Just follow steps in Depositfiles.com. Put code,click download. Only thing u could have to wait for 40 sec.

Protable Version Of This Version Coming Soon

Latest Changes:
No MAX jobs limit for BT Torrent file
Fixed bug in certain situation that popped up Add New Download window when clicking on torrent file
Fixed bug regarding category management that could creat categories which enabled not to conform Windows name criteria
Fixed bug regarding category management that enabled to creat same categories
Fixed bug that called FlashGet when closing eMule module and clicking eMule link
Other improvements


Change Log

* Fixed the bug to restore download window when opening Torrent seeds
* Fixed the bug that errors occur when opening certain Torrents
* Fixed the bug that application exits automatically when downloading some eMule jobs
* Fix the bug that the upnp function for eMule module causes application freezing when startup
* Shortcut(ctrl+v) for search toolbar
* Updated Flash detection feature
* Other improvements