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Thankx To Almighty. We Are Safe From “Nargis” May 2, 2008

Posted by M Asif Rahman in News.
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Thankx To Almighty. We Are Safe From “Nargis”

Yea afterall we are safe. Its passed away from our country. Tonight at Our Local Time 8:00 PM. Though it did not hit Bangladesh, it flew away to Myanmar, ANd My Guess Next Floor/Cylone Name will Be Parveen. Lol, its funny bt we already calling here in Dhaka abt Nargis gone next be carefull abt parveen. And as i could see from Nasa it already hit at Myanmar. Here is a latest Image.

Nargis Nasa

Here is another Image from NASA’s Terra satellite.

nargis 2

Here is Latest US Military image(not Confermed) that it s course on Mayanmer
Naris On Mayanmer