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New Earning Potentials May 2, 2008

Posted by M Asif Rahman in WebMaster Stuff.
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New Earning Potentials

Empire Autopilot

Its New But amazing earning potential, I got its infos from “jswenson” from DP, our well known dp member.

Here is its details from Its Home page

Put Empire Autopilot To Work For You

What is Empire Autopilot?

Empire Autopilot is a one of a kind program that was designed to allow anyone to start an online business that will make them money and grow in size with no additional work, ever.

“The more money you make with this amazing program, the larger your empire grows.”

How does it work?

As a member of Empire Autopilot our internet marketing team will be working for you. We will use our vast array of resources and industry knowledge to build you an online business that will utilize multiple income streams and expand in size and value as outlined below.

develop Step 1: Starting Your Empire

You will receive one or more custom websites that will serve as the foundation for your new online business.

These websites will either be selected from inside the Empire Autopilot network or built from scratch by us.

“All of the websites we build utilize our own custom scripts and are designed to not only be worth the price of admission but also to grow in value as they age.”

Your chosen websites are then moved into your personal online portfolio where you can easily track their progress or watch your new online empire grow in both size and value.

monetize Step 2: Monetizing Your Network

Once your initial websites are moved into your portfolio we will monetize them using third party programs such as the eBay Partners Program, AdSense, & more.

All commissions earned from any third party programs will be in your personal name and paid directly to you.

“We’re always looking for new affiliate programs or other revenue streams to make our members money and will utilize them whenever possible.”

Bonus: On some websites we can include links to Empire Autopilot or other programs we operate. If so, you will be paid for every sale originating from any sites in your portfolio.

growth Step 3: Empire Growth & Getting Paid

Now that your websites are built and monetized it’s time to make money and watch your empire grow.

The most important feature of the Empire Autopilot program is that the number of websites in your network will multiply with no additional work from you.

“Start your empire today and watch it grow into dozens or even hundreds of money making websites automatically.”

Once your websites are completed they will be sent to our marketing department and listed for sale both inside and outside of our network. As the websites from your network sell, you will receive a payout based on the closing price and we will build additional websites that will be added to your portfolio. These new sites will also be listed for sale and the cycle will repeat forever. Now you can simply relax and enjoy watching your empire grow!

Let’s Get Things Rolling

Join Empire Autopilot and our team will research your niches, register your domains, develop your websites, monetize your websites, sell your websites, transfer your websites, add brand new websites to your portfolio, pay you money and repeat the process!

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